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August 5, 2013

The Waubay City Council met August 5, 2013 at City Hall at 6:30pm. Mayor Jens presided with Councilmembers Berger, Koepp, Moen, Rumpza in attendance; Grebel absent. Others attending: Dwayne and Dorothy Eidet, Donna Leimkuhl, Dean Sikkink, Curt Koepp, Erika Welch, Bob Wagers, Curtis Neilan, Scott Mohror.

Motion was made by Koepp to approve minutes from July 1, 2013, second by Berger, motion carried.

Library reported 456 visitors, Book Adventure auction will be held August 14, deep freeze program needs renewing. Motion to renew the deep freeze program for three years in the amount of $108.00 was made by Rumpza, second by Koepp, motion carried. Motion by Berger to approve report, second by Moen, motion carried.

Maintenance department reported new starter installed on payloader, prepared City property for demolition, estimate from Webster Tire for 2 tires for pickup. Motion by Moen to approve purchase of 2 tires from Webster Tire in amount of $170.00 each, second by Koepp, motion carried. Estimates from Benike Construction for $1950.00 and Kevin Barse for $1800.00 to pour concrete floor for garage by water tower were reviewed. Motion by Moen to approve estimate from Kevin Barse in amount of $1800.00 contingent on Barse being able to do work within next 30 days, second by Berger, motion carried. Benike Construction will be contacted if Barse is unable to do project within 30 days. Motion to approve report by Koepp, second by Rumpza, motion carried.

Notices & Communications

NECOG – Newsletter, PDM meeting minutes

SDOEM – NFIP changes/increases

SDML – Annual Conference

Community Transit – funding request

SDDOT – TAP grant program

Motion to approve payment of the following bills totaling $32,750.19 was made by Rumpza, second by Berger, motion carried.

USDA -RD                                                                                                            library loan                                                                                            362.00

USDA –RD                                                                                                           phase 1 loan                                                                                        2765.00

USDA-RD                                                                                                             phase 2 loan                                                                                        2281.00

IRS                                                                                                                         tax deposit                                                                                            1912.00

SD Retirement System                                                                                      retirement                                                                                             556.80

Waubay Fire Dept.                                                                                              monthly budget                                                                                    791.67

Brenda Jens                                                                                                        cleaning service                                                                                  50.00

Lake Region Sanitation                                                                                     garbage service                                                                                  150.00

American Legion Post 129                                                                               community service worker meals                                                    77.00

US Postal Service                                                                                               stamped envelopes                                                                            799.65

Office Peeps, Inc.                                                                                                supplies                                                                                                57.45

Hawkins, Inc.                                                                                                       chemicals                                                                                             2251.22

Vessco Inc.                                                                                                           part                                                                                                        402.55

Colonial Research                                                                                             chemicals                                                                                             923.06

Kriech Construction                                                                                            install culvert                                                                                        513.03

Waubay Clipper                                                                                                  publishing                                                                                             497.59

Welch’s Grocery                                                                                                  supplies                                                                                                34.47

SD One Call                                                                                                         locate notices                                                                                      164.28

Eide Bailly                                                                                                            progress billing                                                                                   11,000.00

Banner Associates                                                                                             engineering                                                                                         1000.00

Terry/Sheryl Town                                                                                               mark graves                                                                                          75.00

Verizon Wireless                                                                                                 cell phones                                                                                          120.20

Otter Tail Power Co.                                                                                           electricity                                                                                                2013.83

ITC phone                                                                                                            bill                                                                                                           191.73

Loren Welch                                                                                                       mow cemetery                                                                                       1600.00

LaBolt Farmers Grain Co.                                                                                chemicals                                                                                              107.14

Northside Implement                                                                                         parts                                                                                                       257.18

Webster Tire Inc.                                                                                                 tire repairs                                                                                             250.90

TLC Marine                                                                                                          blades, filters                                                                                        73.50

Webster Home Center                                                                                      materials                                                                                               259.96

HR One Stop                                                                                                       fuel, supplies                                                                                       1022.21

Milbank Winwater                                                                                               supplies                                                                                              125.77

Dept. of Revenue                                                                                                samples                                                                                                39.00

Nilson Machine & Welding                                                                                repair                                                                                                     25.00

Net payroll for July totaled $7068.60; Library $973.46, Financial Admin. $1784.24, Utilities Dept. $2800.90, P & Z $143.14, Seasonal $1366.86.

HMGP expenses totaled $384,069.50.

Council expressed their thanks to Don Connors for volunteering his services to repair the soffit at Library.

Tabled Item: Motion to approve the building permit for Glenda Jerde was made by Moen, second by Koepp, motion carried.

Lift Station Improvement Project – Bid opening was held July 30 with two bids received and opened: Quam Construction $635,408.10; H & W Contracting, LLC $747,568.25. Engineer Mohror informed Council he has contacted SDDENR and discussed bid prices, as funding was based on construction estimate and low bid is $75,000.00 over estimated costs. Additional funding in the amount of $75,000.00 has been requested from SDDENR Motion by Moen to award the contract to Quam Construction in the amount of $635,408.10 contingent on SDDENR approval, second by Berger, all voting aye, motion carried. Mohror will send out contract documents; project should start in September.

An estimate for dust control from Climate Control Inc. was reviewed. Will be placed on September agenda.

Jackson-Surma City Park – Demolition of old warming house will be done this week, have volunteers ready to go, Don Connors will oversee project, projected completion date is August 30.

Nuisance Property – Attorney Sannes has started proceedings on properties located at 58 East 5th Avenue and 219 West 2nd Avenue, City has prepared house at 57 East 2nd Avenue for demolition, weeds have been cut and house has been knocked down at 621 North 2nd Street, cleanup will begin at 743 North Main Street.

HMGP – Three invoices for demolition were received from Gregerson Salvage in the amount of $10,720.42. Motion to approve payment to Gregerson Salvage in the amount of $10,720.42 was made by Koepp, second by Moen, all voting aye, motion carried. Motion by Koepp to approve an automatic supplement for grant funds in the amount of $321,845.00, second by Berger, motion carried.

Motion was made by Rumpza to approve estimate from Ringgenberg Electric in the amount of $4435.00 to replace one damaged streetlight pole along Highway 12, second by Koepp, motion carried.

Notice was received from SDPAA that several values need to be increased to have replacement cost coverage. Motion by Koepp to approve increases on two garages, two dugouts, library, and add one siren to insurance, second by Berger, motion carried. Discussion was held on replacement cost coverage for Youth Center building. Will be on September agenda.

Representation letter for Eide Bailly was reviewed and signed, awaiting final audit copy.

Motion by Rumpza to renew $25,000.00 CD with term of 48 months, second by Moen, all voting aye, motion carried.

Motion to approve the first reading of 2014 Appropriation Ordinance was made by Rumpza, second by Moen, all voting aye, motion carried.

Twelve building permits and one moving permit were reviewed with Zoning Administrator Koepp. Motion to approve permits for Gene Potas, Dorothy Hjelllming, Gwen Collins, Dale Gerriets, Kurt Hoines, Kevin
Jorgenson, Mark Sorenson, Dennis Gregerson, Dennis and Carol Gregerson, Kim Jorgenson, Mark Birney, Jim Oberg, Carol Anderson was made by Koepp, second by Rumpza, motion carried.

Motion to approve the financial reports for July was made by Rumpza, second by Berger, all voting aye, motion carried. Cash receipts totaled $45,733.55; General Checking $17,130.01, General Savings $261.81, Library Savings $71.06, Highway 12 Streetlight Savings $1000.00, 2nd Penny Savings $4991.10, Liquor % $2095.14, Water $10,844.97, Water Savings $0.05, Sewer $9069.27, Sewer Savings $114.25, Sewer Trust $55.89, Utility Deposits $100.00.

Due to Labor Day, the next meeting will be held on Tuesday, September 3, 2013 at City Hall at 6:30pm.

Motion by Moen to adjourn at 9:15pm, second by Rumpza, motion carried.

Becky Pearson

Finance Officer

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