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February 5, 2014

The Waubay City Council met February 5, 2014 at City Hall at 6:30pm. Mayor Jens presided with Councilmembers Berger, Grebel, Koepp, Rumpza in attendance; Moen absent. Others attending: Dwayne and Dorothy Eidet, Curt Koepp, Erika Welch, Curtis Neilan.

Motion to approve minutes from January 8, 2014 was made by Grebel, second by Berger, motion carried.

Library reported 298 visitors, found office chair in storage, ordered vacuum from HR One Stop. Motion to approve report was made by Rumpza, second by Grebel, motion carried.

Maintenance department reported water shut off at youth center building, tractor needs new batteries, fluoride tester not working, have all roads open as of today, water tower pumping excessively. During January tower pumped twice as much as normal. Do not think there is a waterline break as some days pumping is normal and other days excessive. If there were a break pumping would be constant. Will continue to monitor. Mobile home water meter requirement notice was reviewed. Motion to approve notice was made by Koepp, second by Grebel, motion carried. Motion to approve purchase of batteries for tractor was made by Grebel, second by Rumpza, motion carried. Motion to approve report was made by Koepp, second by Grebel, motion carried.

Fire Department traded in a 1975 fire truck for a 1989 Chevy fire truck with 1500 gallon tank. Cost of the truck was $10,000.00 less trade in value of $1750.00.

Notices & Communications

            SDATT – membership

            State SD – FEMA teleconference

            Director of Equalization – appeal process
            Motion to appoint Dave Moen as City representative to Equalization Board was made by Grebel, second by Rumpza, motion carried.

Motion to approve payment of the following bills totaling $21,809.42 was made by Grebel, second by Berger, motion carried.


USDA-RD                                            library loan                                           362.00

USDA-RD                                            phase 1 loan                                        2765.00

USDA-RD                                            phase 2 loan                                        2281.00

IRS                                                        tax deposit                                           1862.44

SD Retirement System                     retirement                                          576.00

Area IV Senior Nutrition                    donation                                               500.00

Community Transit                            donation                                              300.00

Milbank Medical Foundation            donation                                              1000.00

Day Co. Champion Community       donation                                             400.00

Waubay Fire Dept.                              monthly budget                                   791.67

Brenda Jens                                         cleaning service                                 50.00

Lake Region Sanitation                     garbage service                                 150.00

Dakota Pump & Control                     repair                                                     722.96

Colonial Research Chemical Corp.     chemicals                                        730.89

Welch’s Grocery                                 supplies                                                  50.45

Office Peeps, Inc.                               supplies                                                 187.48

Glacial Lakes/Prairies Tourism       membership                                         150.00

SD One Call                                        locate notice                                          1.11

Verizon Wireless                                 cell phones                                           125.79

Hawkins, Inc.                                      chemicals                                             1817.83

NorthStar Mechanical Inc.                 repair furnace                                      379.07

Reporter & Farmer                             glacial lakes guide ad                        345.00

Sturdevant’s Auto Parts                     parts                                                       19.90

LaBolt Farmers Grain Co.                  salt                                                        22.00

HR One Stop                                      fuel, supplies                                       1251.70

ITC                                                       phone bill                                               187.19

Otter Tail Power Co.                          electricity                                              2351.35

Waubay Clipper                                 publishing                                            250.33

Milbank Winwater                              materials                                              183.46

Community Oil                                   tank rent/propane                                473.60

Lakes Gas Co.                                    propane                                              1521.20


Net payroll for January totaled $6745.78; Library $827.94, Financial Administration $1842.32, Utilities Department $2874.99, Mayor/Council $1200.53.

Lift Station Improvement Project expenses totaled $60,043.50.

The 2013 inspection report from Dakota Pump was reviewed. Motion to approve the 2014 Inspection Agreement with Dakota Pump was made by Koepp, second by Berger, motion carried.

HMGP – Resolution and lease agreements from Attorney Sannes were not available.

Lift Station Improvement Project – Will be meeting with Harry’s Elite to discuss lining of private sewer lines on East Lakeshore Drive, determine if they are interested in doing this work for homeowners, will schedule a date for meeting with property owners in March.

Community Access Grant – Motion to have Banner Associates begin engineering plans for the paving of Main Street was made by Koepp, second by Grebel, motion carried.

Thrivent is requesting a representative attend their meeting February 27 with plans for the grant application for the City Park playground equipment project. Mayor Jens and Berger will attend.

Motion to run ad for Summer Rec Director position was made by Rumpza, second by Berger, motion carried. Ad will run February 15, March 1 and 15.

Discussion was held on organizing the Community Funfest. It was suggested the committee have a chairman, co-chairman, each organization interested in participating have one representative for a contact, and continue holding event in July. Mayor Jens  will visit with several local groups on interest.

Surplus Lots – Appraisals for surplus lots were reviewed. Lots valued from a low of $2400.00 to a high of $8000.00. Will make decision to sell at auction or accept sealed bids at March meeting.

Youth Center Inspection Report – Will obtain estimate to repair foundation on East side of building.

Motion to approve Eide Bailly performing the 2013 audit was made by Grebel, second by Berger, motion carried.

Discussion was held on opening a shelter during winter storms as motel fills up very quickly and there is no place for travelers to go. Will check with school and churches to see if they could be opened as a shelter.

Motion to approve financial reports for January was made by Grebel, second by Berger, motion carried. Cash receipts totaled $117,870.97; General Checking $18,363.36, General Savings $270.53, Library Savings $23.73, Highway 12 Streetlight Savings $1000.00, 2nd Penny Savings $3302.65, Liquor % $1044.75, Water $9233.55, Water Savings $0.06, Sewer $9403.06, Sewer Savings $118.06, Sewer Trust $16.99, Utility Deposits $50.00, Water/Wastewater Account $75,044.23.

The next meeting will be held March 3, 2014 at City Hall at 6:30pm.

Motion to adjourn at 8:10pm was made by Rumpza, second by Koepp, motion carried.


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