City of Waubay
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Hunting and Fishing


Waubay is in the heart of the Glacial Lakes and Prairies region. These lakes hold an abundance of fish! We are just minutes from Bitter Lake. We have some of the finest fishing anywhere and have several businesses which cater to fishermen.

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South Dakota Fishing Handbook


The  area offers the best of both worlds with goose and duck hunting in the morning and pheasant in the afternoon. Northeastern South Dakota ranks high in duck production.

The ringneck pheasant, South Dakota's most sought after game species, was first introduced to the state in the heart of the Glacial Lakes and Prairies region, and can be found in healthy numbers throughout the region today. For the larger game hunter, Whitetail deer are of great abundance.  Predator hunting includes coyotes and fox.

Hunting Hints
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Pheasant Hunting – Traditional
mid-October to early January

Pheasant Hunting – Preserve
September to March

Prairie Chicken Hunting-
mid-September to mid-December

Dove Hunting-
September to mid-October

Waterfowl Hunting-
early October to early December

East River Deer Hunting- Firearm
late September to December

East River Deer Hunting – Archery
late September to December

Turkey Hunting
Spring and Fall

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