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March 3, 2014

The Waubay City Council met March 3, 2014 at City Hall at 6:30pm. Mayor Jens presided with Councilmembers Grebel, Koepp, Moen, Rumpza in attendance; Berger absent. Others attending: Dwayne and Dorothy Eidet, Donna Leimkuhl, Dorcas Aufdencamp, Curt Koepp, Curtis Neilan, Bob Wagers, Rosanne Bisgard, Mary Hoines, John Anderson, Scott Mohror, Derek Sinner.

 Motion to approve minutes from February 5, 2014 was made by Koepp, second by Rumpza, motion carried.

 Library reported 260 visitors, 2013 annual library survey presented, spring reading program started with party scheduled for April 12, one computer not working. Discussion was held on selling VHS tapes that are no longer checked out and using proceeds towards purchase of new computer. Motion by Grebel to declare VHS tapes surplus and sell them for $1.00 each with proceeds going towards purchase of new computer, second by Koepp, all voting aye, motion carried. Motion to approve the 2013 SD Public Library Survey was made by Rumpza, second by Moen, motion carried. Motion by Grebel to approve report, second by Rumpza, motion carried.

 Maintenance department reported several water and sewer lines have frozen, monitoring water temperatures, request from sewer department to purchase entry winch and tripod system. Motion by Grebel to authorize the purchase of an entry winch, tripod system, and body harness, second by Moen, motion carried. Motion by Moen to approve report, second by Rumpza, motion carried.

 Notices & Communications

            SDML – District 1 Meeting March 27

            NECOG – newsletter

            SD State Library – Data Digest

            SD Office of Economic Development – annual report

            SD DOT – Small Community Transportation Planning Program

            SD Dept. of Tourism – group tour

            Mary Nosbush – AFLAC

 Motion to approve payment of the following bills totaling $17,356.84 was made by Rumpza, second by Koepp, all voting aye, motion carried.


USDA-RD                                              library loan                                           362.00

USDA-RD                                             phase 1 loan                                        2765.00

USDA-RD                                             phase 2 loan                                        2281.00

IRS                                                          tax deposit                                          1897.10

SD Retirement System                       retirement                                           645.60

Waubay Fire Dept.                               monthly budget                                  791.67

Brenda Jens                                         cleaning service                                 50.00

Karst Sanitation                                   garbage service                                 150.00

Webster Tire Inc.                                 tire repairs                                           297.90

Bob Wagers                                         mileage                                                26.64

Curtis Neilan                                        mileage                                                26.64

Beirschbach Electric Inc.                   emergency light, outlets                    266.46

Welch’s Grocery                                  supplies                                               39.01

Community Oil of Glacial Lakes       propane                                               335.00

Dept. of Revenue                                 samples                                              52.00

Office Peeps, Inc.                                supplies                                               51.83

DMI                                                         part                                                       358.60

HR One Stop                                        fuel, supplies                                      1911.24

Verizon Wireless                                 cell phones                                         120.73

Waubay Clipper                                  publishing                                           105.15

ITC                                                        phone bill                                             187.97

Lakes Gas Co.                                   propane                                               1453.39

Milbank Winwater                              materials                                             159.56

Otter Tail Power Co.                          electricity                                              2571.70

Waubay Library Board                      library purchases                               172.75

Sinner Auto                                         2 batteries                                            277.90


Net payroll for February totaled $6174.65; Library $1027.50, Financial Administration $1900.40, Utilities Department $3246.75.

 Community Access Grant – Engineer Mohror suggested checking with County to see if they would fix areas along Main Street that need digging up. Motion by Grebel to enter into agreement for engineering services with Banner Associates in the amount of $14,200.00, second by Koepp, all voting aye, motion carried.

 Engineer Mohror informed Council FEMA wants facility plan to move forward with the improved project request for lagoons. City has a FEMA project worksheet for the IP ponds that were inundated in 2011 but due to inability to repair them at their current location, an improved project was requested. The facility plan from 2011 can be used but will need to be updated. Plan would also need updating to request funding from other agencies. This project would make the City compliant with the 2016 deadline for total retention. Motion by Moen to enter into agreement with Banner Associates to update the 2011 Facility Plan in the amount of $6500.00, second by Grebel, all voting aye, motion carried. Will be meeting with FEMA on March 5.

 Lift Station Improvement Project – Engineer Mohror advised every private sewer connection should be lined to prevent future issues, services may not be leaking now, but could at a later date if water levels come back up. Harry’s Elite has been busy with thawing frozen water and sewer lines and has not been available for a meeting. He did inform Mayor Jens no work can begin until frost is out of the ground. Will send notices out as soon as meeting date is set. Motion by Grebel to approve payment to Banner Associates in amount of $1501.44, second by Koepp, motion carried.

 Derek Sinner, Day County Housing Development representative, requested support from the City for a county wide housing study. This study will determine what the needs are for communities and will also make them eligible to apply for grant funds. Motion by Koepp to support Day County Housing Development with a $500.00 donation, second by Grebel, all voting aye, motion carried.

 The following estimates for a new 60 in lawn mower were reviewed: Dixon $9500.00, Gravely $8159.00, Hustler $5828.00, John Deere $5706.95. Motion by Grebel, second by Moen, to purchase 2014 John Deere Z665 from RDO in amount of $5706.95, all voting aye, motion carried.

 Motion to donate $50.00 to the Waubay After Prom was made by Rumpza, second by Grebel, motion carried.

 HMGP – Attorney Sannes will have resolution and lease agreement for grazing available at April meeting. Motion to approve a pay request in the amount of $56,207.63 for a relocation project was made by Grebel, second by Moen, all voting aye, motion carried.

 Motion to sell surplus lots at auction on April 26, 2014 at 1:00pm at City Hall was made by Rumpza, second by Grebel, all voting aye, motion carried.

 Mayor Jens attended Thrivent meeting per their request. They would like City to do a fundraiser and they’ll match funds in place of work project. Will discuss options later. Motion by Rumpza, second by Koepp, to apply for a grant through Land and Water Conservation Fund, all voting aye, motion carried.

 A meeting will be held March 18 at 6:30pm in back room of American Legion to begin organizing the Waubay Community FunFest. All individuals, organizations, vendors encouraged to attend.

 The municipal election set for April 8 has been cancelled.

 Motion by Moen to approve the 2013 annual report, second by Grebel, all voting aye, motion carried. Report will be published in Waubay Clipper.

 Mayor Jens will be on Waubay School Board Meeting agenda March 10 to see if School could be designated as a winter shelter.

 Discussion was held on speed limit of 25mph along East Yellowstone Trail. Motion by Moen, second by Grebel, to increase speed limit to 35mph from Main Street going East to City limits, all voting aye, motion carried.

 Motion to approve financial reports for February was made by Koepp, second by Grebel, all voting aye, motion carried. Cash receipts totaled $99,675.66; General Checking $12,436.43, General Savings $270.55, Library $41.46, Highway 12 Savings $1000.00, 2nd Penny Savings $6304.08, Liquor % $1540.46, Water $8914.67, Water Savings $0.06, Sewer $8821.47, Sewer Savings $118.06, Sewer Trust $16.99, Bond Reserve $207.41, Project Account $60,004.02.

 The next meeting will be April 7, 2014 at City Hall at 6:30pm.

 Motion to adjourn at 8:30pm was made by Moen, second by Rumpza, motion carried.

 Becky Pearson

Finance Officer

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