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October 6, 2014

The Waubay City Council met October 6, 2014 at City Hall at 6:30pm. Mayor Jens presided with Councilmembers Berger, Grebel, Jorgenson, Moen present; Rumpza absent. Others attending: Dwayne and Dorothy Eidet, Phyllis Koepp, Fred Ebertowski, Rick Adams, Curtis Neilan, Roberta Neilan.

Motion to approve minutes from September 3, 2014 was made by Berger, second by Jorgenson, motion carried.

Library reported 149 visitors, Halloween party scheduled for October 25, painting has been rescheduled for October 11. Motion to approve report was made by Grebel, second by Moen, motion carried.

Maintenance department reported garage by tower completed, working on sickle mowing, impellors installed at lift station 8, still need to paint county shed. Motion to approve report was made by Moen, second by Berger, motion carried.

Notices & Communications

Grue Abstract – customer appreciation

Glacial Lakes Tourism – annual meeting

SD Housing Development – annual conference

Governor’s Office – Christmas ornament

SDPAA – organizational chart

Motion to approve payment of the following bills totaling $46,590.96 was made by Jorgenson, second by Grebel, all voting aye, motion carried.

USDA-RD                                                    library loan                                      362.00

USDA-RD                                                   phase 1 loan                                 2765.00

USDA-RD                                                   phase 2 loan                                 2281.00

First National Bank                                   qtr. loan payment                          8902.63

IRS                                                               tax deposit                                      2306.15

SD Retirement System                            retirement                                         595.20

Waubay Fire Dept.                                    monthly budget                                791.67

Brenda Jens                                              cleaning service                                 50.00

Karst Sanitation                                         garbage service                               150.00

Banner Associates                                    engineering                                   1702.77

Duerre Excavating                                     repair curb stop                             1466.57

SD One Call                                                 locate notices                                     8.88

Lakes Gas Co.                                            propane                                           206.39

Dept. of Revenue                                         samples                                           26.00

Office Peeps, Inc.                                        supplies                                          286.23

Butler Machinery Co.                                  parts                                                   37.11

Dakota Pump & Control                             repair                                             4658.43

Harry’s Septic & Sewer Service               camera sewer lines                    1875.00

NASASP                                                       annual dues                                      39.00

Kriech Construction                                   gravel/apply dust control             8739.89

SD Unemployment Ins. Div.                     qtr. contribution                                  64.13

Verizon Wireless                                        cell phones                                         70.24

Biersbach Lumber Inc .                            garage materials                              378.30

ADAPCO                                                     chemicals                                         2779.90

HR One Stop fuel,                                      supplies                                           1196.95

ITC                                                                 phone bill                                           200.58

Otter Tail Power Co.                                   electricity                                          2012.78

John Cavanee                                             mowing                                              250.00

Waubay Clipper                                          publishing                                          857.23

Colonial Research Chem.Corp.             chemicals                                          498.90

Sturdevant’s Auto Parts                             oil, filters                                              96.57

Hawkins, Inc.                                               chemicals                                          935.46

Net payroll for September totaled $8669.23; Library $764.97, Financial Administration $1900.40, Utilities Dept. $2949.08, 1715.72, Mayor/Council $1339.06.

The City received an invoice from Harry’s Septic & Sewer Service for the camera work done for each private sewer service along East Lakeshore Drive. This was to be billed to each property owner not City. Motion to send bills to these residents for camera work was made by Grebel, second by Jorgenson, motion carried.

A site visit is scheduled with Randy Kittle for October 8 at 2:30 for the LWCF grant for playground equipment.

Lagoon Project – State Water Plan Application has been submitted.

Community Access Grant – no invoices received yet, striping needs to be completed, discussed rerouting truck traffic to help preserve Main Street, no action taken.

Nuisance Property – In process of beginning court proceedings with resident at 104 West 4th Avenue; Gary Lickness given 60 days to abate nuisance with next court date December 1; Berger visited with Galen Gibson and he’s working on removing vehicles; agreement and quit claim deed ready for Lucia Weir to sign October 7 and demo on Main Street house scheduled for October 20.

Auction held September 26 for surplus lots. Motion to accept bid from Mike Hoven in amount of $3000.00 for Lots 1-5 East Railway First Addition was made by Moen, second by Grebel, all voting aye, motion carried.

Discussion was held on a request from Adam Jorgenson to have a haunted hayride through Lakewood Cemetery. Numerous calls have been received from residents with objections to holding such an event in the cemetery. Council agreed that they have no problem with the hayride but the cemetery would not be the appropriate place. Suggested using the City Park or possibly the Youth Center. Will set up meeting with Jorgenson.

SD Department of Agriculture is offering forestry grants with October 15 deadline. Need to have a long term plan in place. Will not apply at this time, will look at possibility of budgeting yearly and purchasing through Day County Conservation District.

Motion to approve applying special assessments on parcel 77.26.0114 in the amount of $730.00 and parcel 77.05.00B0 in amount of $1160.00 was made by Grebel, second by Jorgenson, all voting aye, motion carried.

Motion to support the Lights on After School Proclamation was made by Berger, second by Grebel, all voting aye, Proclamation as follows:

WHEREAS: The communities of the State of South Dakota support quality afterschool programs and opportunities because they:

Provide safe, challenging, and engaging learning experiences that help children develop social, emotional, physical and academic skills.

Support working families by ensuring their children are safe and productive after the regular school day ends.

Build stronger communities by involving students, parents, business leaders and adult volunteers in the lives of young people, thereby promoting positive relationships among youth, families and adults.

Engage families, schools and community partners in advancing the welfare of our children; and

WHEREAS: Lights On Afterschool, the national celebration of afterschool programs, held this year on October 23, 2014, promotes the importance of quality afterschool programs in the lives of children, families and communities; and

WHEREAS: More than 28 million children in the U.S. have parents who work outside the home, and 15.1 million children have no place to go afterschool. Of South Dakota’s 131,284 school-age children, 75% of 6- to 12-year-olds have all available parents in the workforce; 48,969 children are unsupervised afterschool; and

WHEREAS: Many afterschool programs across the country are facing funding shortfalls so severe that they are being forced to close their doors and turn off their lights; and

WHEREAS: The communities of South Dakota are committed to investing in health and safety of all young people by providing expanded learning opportunities that will help close the achievement gap and prepare young people to compete in the global economy.

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that we, South Dakota Municipal Leaders do hereby proclaim October 23, 2014 as “Lights On Afterschool Day”, AND BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that these municipal leaders enthusiastically endorse Lights On Afterschool and commit our communities to engage in innovative afterschool programs and activities that ensure the lights stay on and the doors stay open for all children after school.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, we hereunto set our hand.

Kevin Jens, Mayor City of Waubay October 6, 2014

Fred Ebertowski met with Council in regards to notice he received concerning a storage shed. Council explained ordinance regarding this type of building and new construction. Will meet with property owner to bring into compliance.

Motion by Moen, second by Berger, to approve the following contingency resolution, all voting aye, motion carried, resolution as follows:

WHEREAS the 2014 budget for fund 411.5 Contingency has a balance of $14,400.00, we hereby resolve to transfer $9500.00 from the Contingency fund to the following funds:

414 Financial Administration $5500.00

451 Recreation & Youth $4000.00

Dated this 6th Day of October, 2014

Kevin Jens, Mayor Attest: Becky Pearson, Finance Officer

Motion to approve the first reading of 2014 Supplemental Appropriation Ordinance No. 361 was made by Grebel, second by Jorgenson, all voting aye, motion carried.

The 100 hour program that Paul Hopkins was working under has ended. Mr. Spindler has been looking for another program but nothing is available at this time. Discussion was held on having Paul work 2 hours per day Monday, Wednesday, Friday, 1 hour at Library and 1 hour at Senior Center. Motion to employ Paul Hopkins for 6 hours per week through December 31, 2014 was made by Jorgenson, second by Grebel, all voting aye, motion carried.

Employee evaluations will be done in the month of October by designated committees.

Citizen complaint forms were reviewed. Letters will be sent in response.

Four building permits were reviewed. Motion to approve permit for Richard Pfeiffer was made by Berger, second by Jorgenson, motion carried. Motion by Moen to approve permit for Dennis Gregerson, second by Grebel, motion carried. Motion to approve permit for Amber Nash pending publication was made by Grebel, second by Jorgenson, motion carried. Motion to approve permit for Dan Nash pending publication was made by Moen, second by Berger, motion carried.

Motion to approve financial reports was made by Jorgenson, second by Grebel, all voting aye, motion carried. Cash receipts totaled $143,620.33; General Checking $14,051.29, General Savings $151.53, Library Savings $107.18, Highway 12 Streetlight Savings $1013.61, 2nd Penny Savings $105,919.46, Liquor % $1308.12, Water $10,952.74, Water Savings $2.11, Sewer $9968.88, Sewer Savings $123.50, Sewer Trust $21.91.

The next meeting will be November 3, 2014 at City Hall at 6:30pm.

Motion to adjourn at 8:27pm was made by Moen, second by Jorgenson, motion carried.

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