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October 7, 2013

The Waubay City Council met October 7, 2013 at City Hall at 6:30pm. Mayor Jens presided with Councilmembers Grebel, Koepp, Moen, Rumpza in attendance; Berger absent. Others attending: Dwayne and Dorothy Eidet, Donna Leimkuhl, Erika Welch, Curtis Neilan, Bob Wagers, Curt Koepp, Scott Mohror, Mary Hoines, Rosanne Bisgard.

Motion to approve minutes from September 3, 2013 was made by Grebel, second by Koepp, motion carried.

Library reported 314 visitors, Halloween party will be held October 24, State visit on October 9 at 1:00, computer purchased by Library Board. Motion by Koepp to surplus and dispose of one computer not working, second by Rumpza, motion carried. Motion to approve report was made by Rumpza, second by Grebel, motion carried.

Maintenance department reported vet clinic held September 30, met with DENR water system inspector, plugs are now out of sewer main on East Lakeshore Drive as preparing for project, pumping increased from 1 to 7 times daily per pump since opening. Camera found 16 services leaking along project area. Discussion was held on how to insure services that did not show up leaking on camera now aren’t broke or cracked and will leak if water levels come back up. Engineer Mohror suggested contacting SD Rural Water to come in and do smoke test. This would show if there are breaks or cracks in private services that are not leaking at this time. Motion to seal off all sewer services along the east end of Blue Dog Lake was made by Koepp, second by Rumpza, all voting aye, motion carried. All services will remain closed until repairs to their service are made. Letters will be sent to property owners in this area and a meeting set up. Discussion was held on completing improvement recommendations on the following: roof at shop, four trees on north side of shop-will get estimate, remove vegetation and flag cables on county shed, tear down storage building-notify school that electrical will be removed. Motion to approve report was made by Moen, second by Rumpza, motion carried.

Notices & Communications

Grue Abstract – Customer Appreciation

NECOG – PDM minutes

Community Transit – Open House

Glacial Lakes & Prairies Tourism Association – Annual Meeting

Midcontinent Communications – Billing increase


Motion to approve payment of the following bills totaling $50,318.68 was made by Rumpza, second by Grebel, motion carried.

USDA-RD                                                                                        library loan                                                                    362.00

USDA-RD                                                                                        phase 1 loan                                                                2765.00

USDA-RD                                                                                        phase 2 loan                                                                2281.00

First National Bank SRF                                                               qtr. loan payment                                                         8902.63

IRS                                                                                                    tax deposit                                                                     2213.46

SD Retirement System                                                                 retirement                                                                      556.80

SD Unemployment Insurance Div.                                              qtr. contribution                                                             68.08

Waubay Fire Dept.                                                                          monthly budget                                                            791.67

Brenda Jens                                                                                    cleaning service                                                          50.00

Office Peeps, Inc.                                                                            supplies                                                                       615.38

Royal Flush Sanitation                                                                   porta pot rental                                                           308.80

Dept. of Revenue                                                                            samples                                                                       85.00

Nilson Machine & Welding                                                            repair                                                                            101.00

Northside Implement                                                                     parts                                                                              55.03

Lakes Gas Co.                                                                                propane                                                                        126.31

Hawkins, Inc.                                                                                   chemicals                                                                    1978.26

SD One Call                                                                                    locate notices                                                               28.86

Day County Treasurer                                                                   chip sealing                                                                  14,372.59

Welch’s Grocery                                                                             supplies                                                                         23.57

A & S Hardware Hank                                                                   materials                                                                        31.59

Glacial Lakes Electric                                                                   wiring-concession building                                        1426.93

Biersbach Lumber Inc.                                                                 materials-concession building                                  4919.82

SDPAA                                                                                              additional premium due                                              73.00

Verizon Wireless                                                                            cell phones                                                                    120.41

Petty Cash                                                                                       reimburse                                                                      199.79

Banner Associates                                                                        engineering                                                                   1000.00

HR One Stop                                                                                  fuel, supplies                                                                 1031.77

Blossom Shoppe & Gifts                                                             arrangement                                                                   35.00

Waubay Clipper                                                                             publishing                                                                       489.47

ITC                                                                                                   phone bill                                                                         195.23

Kuecker Kleaning Service                                                          clean library carpet                                                          311.30

Colonial Research Chem.Corp.                                               chemicals                                                                         636.74

Webster Lumber/Home Center                                                materials                                                                           274.41

Milbank Winwater                                                                         couplings                                                                          93.85

Otter Tail Power Co.                                                                      electricity                                                                          2185.97

Dakota Supply Group                                                                    parts                                                                                607.96

Day County Sheriff’s Office                                                         dispatch service                                                            1000.00


Net payroll for September totaled $8748.15; Library $963.68, Financial Admin. $1784.24, Utilities Dept. $2800.90, P & Z $64.64, Seasonal $1726.38, Mayor/Council $1408.31.

Lift Station Improvement Project – City received additional $75,000.00 in grant funds as project came in over estimated cost. Engineer Mohror presented Pay Request No. 1 in the amount of $137,794.50, which covers mobilization, traffic control, raising 4 manholes, 90% of cost of berms. Motion to approve payment of Pay Request No. 1 to Quam Construction in the amount of $137,794.50 pending State approval was made by Grebel, second by Moen, all voting aye, motion carried. Mohror reported DENR inspection will be held October 9 at 1:00pm. Motion to approve the Resident Project Representative Agreement with Bob Wagers was made by Koepp, second by Grebel, all voting aye, motion carried. Motion by Koepp, second by Moen, to approve the Water Repair & Replacement Reserve Fund Resolution, all voting aye, motion carried, resolution as follows:

WHEREAS, the City of Waubay, South Dakota, is a recipient of a Consolidated Water Facilities Construction Program grant from the State of South Dakota, Board of Water and Natural Resources, and the Department of Environment and Natural Resources;

WHEREAS, the City of Waubay must establish a reserve fund within the wastewater utility fund for future repair and replacement of wastewater utility infrastructure;

NOW THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that a reserve fund called the Water Repair & Replacement Reserve Fund be established within the water utility fund as an interest-bearing account for the purpose of providing sufficient funds to purchase and install equipment, accessories, and appurtenances necessary to maintain the capacity and performance for which the facility was designed and constructed;

AND BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that the reserve fund shall be funded by a deposit of $1000.00 per year obtained from the water utility fund at the end of each fiscal year.

Dated this 7th day of October, 2013. Kevin Jens, Mayor

Discussion was held on the Youth Center building. Motion to have Banner Associates do a structural inspection with cost not to exceed $1500.00 was made by Rumpza, second by Grebel, all voting aye, motion carried.

HMGP – Motion to approve invoice from Gregerson Salvage in the amount of $6496.95 for demolition of property located at 203 North 2nd Street pending State approval was made by Koepp, second by Grebel, all voting aye, motion carried. Motion to approve an offer to sell from Donna Engelhart was made by Grebel, second by Moen, all voting aye, motion carried. Discussion was held on property uses for lots City has acquired through program. Property uses include parks, wetland management, nature reserves, cultivation, grazing, camping, unpaved parking lots, buffer zones. Will draw up maps of available lots and discuss what to do with each. Council will visit with citizens and discuss at next meeting. Will contact Conservation District to see what is available for tree programs.

Nuisance Properties – Attorney Sannes continuing to work on properties, check with Gregerson Salvage on demo of house at 57 East 2nd Avenue, declare this property surplus at November meeting, clean up and haul away debris from 621 North 2nd Street and get expenses on special assessment roll.

Employee evaluations will be done this month and on November agenda.

Two building permits were reviewed with Zoning Administrator Koepp. Motion to approve permit for Alan Jerde was made by Grebel, second by Koepp, motion carried. Motion to approve a permit for Kim Jorgenson was made by Rumpza, second by Moen, motion carried. Motion by Rumpza to approve a moving permit for Kim Jorgenson, second by Moen, Grebel, Moen, Rumpza voting aye, Koepp nay, motion carried.

Motion to approve payment to Otter Tail Power Company in the amount of $161.40 for electricity at Youth Center building was made by Grebel, second by Koepp, motion carried.

Motion by Grebel, second by Rumpza, to approve financial reports for September, all voting aye, motion carried. Cash receipts totaled $27,313.79; General Checking $3492.47, General Savings $288.37, Library Savings $65.25, Highway 12 Streetlight Savings $1010.63, 2nd Penny Savings $1637.63, Liquor % $1627.64, Water $10,641.71, Water Savings $1.58, Sewer $8403.61, Sewer Savings $123.14, Sewer Trust $21.76.

The next meeting will be November 4, 2013 at City Hall at 6:30pm.

Motion to adjourn at 8:45pm was made by Moen, second by Rumpza, motion carried.


Becky Pearson

Finance Officer

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