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September 3,2014

The Waubay City Council met September 3, 2014 at City Hall at 6:30pm. Mayor Jens presided with Councilmembers Berger, Grebel, Jorgenson, Moen, Rumpza in attendance. Others attending: Curtis Neilan, Erika Welch, Dwayne and Dorothy Eidet, Curt and Phyllis Koepp, Rosanne Bisgard, Mary Hoines, Scott Mohror, Tom Sannes.

Motion to approve minutes from August 4, 2014 was made by Jorgenson, second by Grebel, motion carried.

Library reported 245 total visitation, had computers worked on, 24 kids participated in summer reading auction. Motion to approve report was made by Rumpza, second by Berger, motion carried.

Maintenance department reported fluoride pump not working correctly, continuing to monitor, chip sealing completed on east side streets, continuing mosquito spraying, materials for garage repair are here, work on project this month, Kriech Construction will start dust control this week. Motion to approve report was made by Moen, second by Grebel, motion carried.

Notices & Communications

            Day County Housing Development – thank you

            NECOG – newsletter

            SD State Plumbing Commission – installation certificates

Motion to approve payment of the following bills totaling $55,537.38 was made by Berger, second by Jorgenson, motion carried.


USDA-RD                                          library loan                                                362.00

USDA-RD                                          phase 1 loan                                          2765.00

USDA-RD                                          phase 2 loan                                          2281.00

IRS                                                      tax deposit                                              2147.52

SD Retirement System                   retirement                                                  595.20

Brenda Jens                                     cleaning service                                         75.00

Waubay Fire Dept.                            monthly budget                                        791.67

Terry/Sheryl Town                              mark grave                                                  25.00

Dept. of Revenue                               samples                                                     39.00

Dependable Sanitation                     landfill charge                                         150.00

SD One Call                                        locate notices                                              7.77

Banner Associates                            engineering                                          4436.82

KBWS                                                   advertising                                                 20.00

Dakota Pump & Control                   repair, inspections                               2184.69

Office Peeps, Inc.                               supplies                                                   17.01

Wilbur Ellis Co.                                  calcium chloride                             12,100.00

Hawkins, Inc.                                     chemicals                                             1189.51

Verizon Wireless                               cell phones                                            120.58

John Cavanee                                   mow cemetery                                     1000.00

Ringgenberg Electric                       repair streetlights                                 768.50

RDO Equipment                                oil, filter                                                    17.34

Webster Tire Inc.                                repair                                                      12.95

LaBolt Farmers Grain Co.               chemicals                                               92.50

HR One Stop                                      fuel, supplies                                       671.09

Lee’s PC Repair Service                 computer repair                                   210.00

Waubay Clipper                                publishing                                             269.18

Cellular Only                                     3 phones                                               449.97

Karst Sanitation                               garbage service                                   150.00

Milbank Winwater                            materials                                              374.10

ITC                                                      phone bill                                             206.51

Day County Treasurer                    east side chip seal                       19,682.99

Otter Tail Power Co.                        electricity                                            2248.22

Waubay Library Board                   library purchases                                  76.26


Net payroll totaled $7690.14; Library $912.67, Financial Admin $1900.40, P & Z $55.87, Utilities $2949.08, Seasonal $1872.12.

Community Access Grant – Engineer Mohror presented contract documents, preconstruction meeting September 9, received letter of concurrence from SDDOT.

Lift Station Improvement Project – need to complete drawings then closeout project.

Lagoon Project – received $415,820.00 from FEMA, Engineer Mohror presented updated cost estimate in amount of $2,195,449.00, will need estimate to get on State Water Plan in October.

Nuisance Property – Attorney Sannes informed Council court will be held October 1 for the Paulsen property, no answer was received from Peters, will try to get court order to knock down property, Council will talk to Gibson and Cleveland before taking them back to court. Motion by Grebel to have Attorney Sannes proceed with legal action to abate the nuisance at property located at 104 West 4th Avenue if issues are not rectified by September 13, 2014, second by Berger, all voting aye, motion carried.

Attorney Sannes informed Council Lucia Weir was served notice to quit, she has not left the property, will now get court order to have her removed from premises.

Surplus Lots – Motion to readvertise Lots 1-5 East Railway First Addition with a minimum bid of $3000.00 was made by Moen, second by Grebel, all voting aye, motion carried. Auction will be held on September 26, 2014 at City Hall at 5:00pm.

Citizen complaint forms reviewed, will send out in next water billings. Received complaints on barking dogs at 414 North 2nd Street, will send letter to owner.

No building permits for August. Two previous permits not in compliance, will send letter to owners with 30 days to respond.

Motion to approve membership and ad for Glacial Lakes & Prairies Tourism Association was made by Berger, second by Moen, motion carried.

Motion by Rumpza, second by Jorgenson, to approve the 2017 Signing and Delineation Project Resolution, all voting aye, motion carried, resolution as follows:

            WHEREAS, Waubay City desires to participate in the 2017 Signing and Delineation Project;

            WHEREAS, Waubay City desires the placement and replacement of traffic and 911 signs as determined by the Project Engineer described;

            LOCATION: Waubay City Roads

            TYPE OF CONSTRUCTION: Traffic Control and 911 Signing

            AND WHEREAS, Waubay City is obligated and hereby agrees to provide proper maintenance as required by the Federal Highway Act as amended and supplemented thereto for the project after construction is completed and to regulate or cause to be regulated the installation of traffic and 911 signs within the limits of the right-of-way of the proposed project in accordance with State and Federal requirements.

            NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED: That the South Dakota Department of Transportation be and hereby is authorized and requested to program for construction, in accordance with the “Secondary Road Plan” and the State’s “Standard Specifications for Roads and Bridges,” the project described.

            Vote of City Council: Yes – 5   No – 0

            Dated this 3rd day of September, 2014.          Kevin Jens, Mayor


Motion to apply for abatement on parcel no. 77.28.3316 was made by Grebel, second by Jorgenson, all in favor, motion carried.

Motion was made by Moen to rescind motion to fine resident $200.00 for discharging sump pump into sewer system, second by Berger, all voting aye, motion carried. Will send letter to resident with sump pump regulations.

Motion to enter into executive session at 8:38pm to review librarian applications was made by Berger, second by Jorgenson, all voting aye, motion carried. Mayor Jens declared executive session over at 8:48pm. Motion by Berger, second by Rumpza, to hire Roberta Neilan at $8.00 per hour for maximum 19.5 hours per week contingent on checking references, motion carried.

Motion to approve the second reading of 2015 Appropriation Ordinance No. 360 was made by Rumpza, second by Grebel, all voting aye, motion carried.

Motion to approve the financial reports for August was made by Moen, second by Berger, all voting aye, motion carried. Cash receipts totaled $458,577.68; General Checking $10,298.19, General Savings $270.56, Library Savings $32.86, Highway 12 Streetlight Savings $1000.00, 2nd Penny Savings $5387.19, Liquor % $2009.68, Water $11,387.80, Water Savings $0.02, Sewer $10,284.95, Sewer Savings $118.07, Sewer Trust $16.99, Bond Reserve $207.41, Community FunFest $1743.96, Water/Wastewater Construction Acct. $415,820.00.

The Community FunFest Committee extended their thanks to the Ortley Vacation Bible School and the Zion Lutheran Youth for their cash donations.

The next meeting will be held on October 6, 2014 at City Hall at 6:30pm.

Motion to adjourn at 9:07pm was made by Moen, second by Rumpza, motion carried.


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